Smart Guard Network Manager

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With the increased usage of Internet it is becoming extremely important to manage and secure your internet network backbone. Also this is a new avenue for hospitality, telecom industries to add to their revenue stream.

Smart guard provide simple yet effective solution for anyone wanting to manage and secure internet / network traffic. Its a multiple functional tool with a powerful features like advanced filter based bandwidth management, content filter, firewall, virus scanner, anti spam engine, subscriber management system with the pre-paid coupons and post paid billing system. It also have build in server like VPN servers DHCP server & Cache server.

With integration to payment gateways like Paypal & others it make the solution more effective(useful), robustness to the system is added by build in SMS & Email Alert functionality.


Smart Guard is for any organization with more than 5 computer system. The software is already being used by ISPs, Telcos, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporates, SME, Enterprises, Airports, Cafes, Hotspots & Internet distributors.